For the past 45 years, Pro^GE developed its main approach, with the knowledge and observations accumulated by its founders and employees, who practiced in nearly every possible capacity within the Turkish and International construction industries, i.e. as builders, designers, investors or operators. As a result of this accumulation, you may find some of Pro^GE’s findings below:

  • • The construction industry represents significant differences with the manufacturing or services industries. The remedial or improvement measures developed for other sectors are often incompatible and do not provide any benefits to the construction industry.
  • • When compared with other industries, the construction industry is slower to adopt technological developments.
  • • The construction industry is the industry with the largest waste of resources, both in Turkey and globally.
  • • The construction industry is also one that needs most improvement for the preservation of the environment.
  • • Pro^GE’s main area of focus, Project Management Services, is a relatively new activity, still in its development phase, both in Turkey and globally. On the other hand, the diversity of the projects in Turkey and its neighbourhood provide great experience and expertise. Therefore, Turkey and the Turkish construction sector represent a fabulous laboratory, for accelerating the development of Project Management Services, like no other country can
  • • The construction sector is the driving force of Turkey’s economy. As such, any improvement made to the industry and in particular in the area of waste of resources, is a direct contribution to its economy, especially when considering the country’s limited national resources.
  • • From the Project Management Services perspective, the most efficient use of resources in the construction sector is directly dependent on the maturity of the “Pre-Construction Work”.

Main Corporate Target

Pro^GE’s corporate target may be described as being a Project Management firm, putting first the reduction of waste of resources, in order to minimize the often difficult to perceive financial losses of the country and employers, and managing large and complex projects, while keeping the fundamental values as described above.

As a result of the investments made during the past five years, the development of an infrastructure which structures our experience and expertise into a manageable and therefore usable knowledgebase form is nearly complete and ready to use for “Intra-Professional Education” and for the “Cooperation with Academic Institutions”. This work was done under the umbrella of our sister company “Technology Design Development Company’’ (Teknoloji Tasarım Geliştirme A.Ş).


To conclude this effort, Innocent Academy was founded and will soon start its activities. Innocent Academy targets not only to serve Pro^GE’s intra-professional education program, but also to establish a long-term relationship with companies and academic institutions in the construction industry, through its published materials and educational programs, open to the construction sector.

It is important to note that the idea of this infrastructure was developed by an extraordinary group of individuals, composed of experts in their area, working as a “School of Thought”, discussing the various principles of Project Management since 2014, and developing the fundamental approach of Innocent Academy. The continuity of this formation and its further generation of new ideas with the support of new participants will be one of our biggest achievements. We want to take this opportunity to thank this group for the model they created and their devoted contributions.