Pro^GE uses the “Matrix Organization”, where individuals report to two managers at the same time, which can only be effective if the team works in perfect harmony. The most important aspect of this organization is the fact that managers are not competitors but they are complementary to one another.

The traditional “one boss” concept with its linear hierarchy based on a single chain of command is replaced by a double-axle, “two bosses” model which operates with a multiple command system. One of the two bosses leads the vertical axis and the Functional Management functions, while the other leads the horizontal axis, i.e. the Project Management functions.

While the Project Manager focuses on completing his/her project successfully, the Functional Manager is responsible for executing the program he/she is in charge of, taking into account the local conditions, applying the proper techniques of his/her area of expertise, in accordance with the internal procedures and processes of the company.

Organizasyon Şeması

The matrix organization in effect at Pro^GE since 15 years, provides the firm with increased productivity, faster decision time and improved efficiency. In addition, this organizational approach created a unique corporate culture based on solidarity, strong communication and coordination skills and sharing. This culture aims to strengthen cooperation and team spirit.

For many years, those in the “Function Management” section, in the chart above, who in fact are Center Specialists, have enormously contributed to achieving this goal, both in supporting Project Managers and in helping develop Pro^GE’s extensive archive in all subject matters, therefore its knowledge.

Under this organizational structure, Pro^GE employees work in a cultural environment where they continuously learn, share their learning among each other and reflect it in their work.