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  • CLIENTBilgi Üniversitesi
  • LOCATIONSütlüce, İstanbul
  • PLOT AREA100,000 m2

When we start talking about santralistanbul, that was started to be constructed in 1910 and began suppl-ying electricity for İstanbul in 1914, we need to mention about the storm of professional excitement from the very first day of the project that lasted until the last day. “santralistanbul” while providing a significant contribution to the cultural activities of the city today with its conference halls, outdoor meeting spaces, libraries, museums and exhibition spaces, also hosts the campus of a prestigious multinational educational institution as well.

Contemporary approach of Bilgi University oriented many prestigious scientists from different disciplines to contribute to the project right from the beginning. Almost all valuable items (documents, machine parts, structural elements, etc.) to provide information for us in the future regarding the past were specified with great care, recorded and taken under protection.

The Project brought big problems almost in all engineering disciplines in terms of problematic soil conditions, deformations and displacements occurred on structures while defying the years, structural parts observed to have lost their characteristics and a problematic infrastructure, considering the new earthquake codes and structural capacity. These problems were solved under the leadership of very precious scientists.

Soil improvements and elimination of displacements that were the major source of structural problems were achieved through construction methods and technologies developed with directions by Prof. Ahmet Sağlamer. We owe the reinforcement of existing structures and structural solutions of new buildings to the devoted efforts of Ms. Civil Engineer Faruk Tuncel and the employees of Tuncel Engineering. Aesthetic values achieved in both new and existing buildings were created by the young representatives of Contemporary Turkish Architecture;

  • Emre Arolat
  • Han Tümertekin
  • Nevzat Sayın

Main Gallery Concept Design: NSMH - Nevzat Sayın + EAA - Emre Arolat

Main Gallery Working Drawings: EAA - Emre Arolat

Museum of Energy Architectural Design: Mimarlar Tasarım Ltd. - Han Tümertekin

Educational Buildings Concept Design: NSMH - Nevzat Sayın - EAA - Emre Arolat

Cafeteria Architectural Design: NSMH - Nevzat Sayın

Structural Design: Tuncel Mühendislik

Mechanical Design: Dinamik Proje

Electrical Design: Enkom Mühendislik

Landscape Design: Trafo Mimarlar

Infrastructure: Sigal


Museum of Energy Architectural Research: DS Mimarlık

Museum of Energy Consultants: Doç. Dr. Can Binan, Y.Mimar Gül Köksal, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mevlüde Kaptı, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ebert

Cultural Center! Art Gallery! Museum! Library! University Campus Buildings! Cafeterias! Common Areas! Technical Rooms! Service Areas! Infrastructure and Landscaping


  • International Architecture Awards 2010: Nevzat Sayın - Emre Arolat