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  • CLIENTEmlak Konut A.Ş.
  • LOCATIONEtiler, İstanbul
  • MAIN CONTRACTORMesa Mesken Sanayi A.Ş.

Execution of this residential project that is known as the “First Smart Homes in Turkey” and still actual was realized by a team directed by our Board Member Architect Selçuk Alten. Let us convey information about the Project with a quotation from the book by Selçuk Alten named

“Sand Dunes, Stone Pines and a Hotel Building at

Belek Coast”;

“Sarıkonaklar, the construction of which started in 1993 and ended by 1996, still keeps its characteristic of having place among the most remarkable mass housing projects in İstanbul. When we started with this project that had somehow got the name “Smart Homes” at a period that building automation was quite a new concept all over the world, I had no idea about the concept of “Smart Homes” as the project manager. More funnily, I suppose the officials of Emlak Bank who found the name for this project and the managers of the contractor Mesa even though in efforts of not showing, weren’t different from me further than a few abstract statements on Smart Homes.

The concepts of “Smart Homes” and the “Healthy Homes” that we tried to set up later were developed parallel to design studies, through the “Smart” approach of a self-sacrificing team and a successful project was realized with its Electro/Mechanical systems that still properly operate today. Beside the designers, intense efforts of Honeywell’s technical team at that period had a great role during adaptation from single houses to multistorey housing, of the “Total Home” building automation system, the product of the company Honeywell which was at the trial period for the first use of computer technology in mass housing for increasing quality of life. Today I gladly observe the never aging spaces (especially the exterior spaces) created by Mutlu Çilingiroğlu and Adnan Kazmaoğlu, the architects of this project comprising totally 256 dwellings.

This project that attracted the continuous attention of media during its construction, that found buyers with unprecedented prices in the housing sector, and had been subject to discussions even at TBMM the Parliament due to high prices, taught us that only the building itself cannot be smart, but the builders, users and the designers should also be smart.”

A housing project with 23 apartment buildings including 253 flats. (Equipped with advanced home automation)

Pro^GE personnel in the project:

  • Selçuk Alten,
  • Bahadır Gümüşoğlu,
  • Celal Özkan

Architectural Design: MİAR Mimarlık - Mutlu Çilingiroğlu + Adnan Kazmaoğlu

Structural Design: İsmet Babuş