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  • İŞVERENMinistry of Defense, Russia
  • LOCATIONSchajkowka, Russia

Similar to Sarıkonaklar Project, let us also tell about the Schajkovka Military Houses with a quotation from Selçuk Alten’s book;

“Schajkowka was the location in Russia that the first phase military houses would be constructed. Berlin Wall demolished upon unification of two Germanys, caused the uniting of people of the same nation, that lived separately for years.

Demolishing of the wall also brought the obligation for the Russian troops that protected this separation, to leave the region. Return of Russians that took roots at this zone for long years was not an easy issue to overcome for both countries. Providing settlement for these new comers in Russia was in the first row among the requirements. The enormous project of dwelling construction, finance of which was provided by Germany as a solution for this problem, was named as “Military Houses”.

The Military Houses, at the time they were in the agenda, was whetting large construction companies’ ap-petites and creating a wild competition in the world. This competition medium was not only among the companies but also was a particular concern for the foreign policies of countries. Even Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany that was providing finance for the project, had visited Moscow a short while ago for an attempt to request for specific privileges for German companies.”

Housing project for Russian soldiers returning from Germany including 1,056 flats, social facilities and infrastructure works

Pro^GE personnel in the project :

  • Selçuk Alten
  • Celal Özkan
  • Rifat Kutay